2010 Global Education Conference

Education Services Australia

TITLE: Be not afraid – student responses to Racism and the Holocaust in an online forum
PRESENTER: Nigel Mitchell, Open Access College (Australia)
CO-PRESENTER: Parvathy Balakrishnan CO-PRESENTER: Kleo Dokas
TIME: GMT Tue 16 Nov 2010 10:00AM (click for international time conversions)
SESSION ROOM:CLICK HERE to enter the Elluminate session room, open one hour before session.
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: In these risk-averse days teachers and students are often reluctant to venture out into controversial areas of the curriculum. When they do take the risk, however, the results can be amazing. This presentation will showcase the work of a group of teachers at Open Access College in Adelaide, South Australia, teaching a unit in year 10 English. The unit incorporated a study of the 2007 film Freedom Writers and a visit to an exhibition of artefacts and artworks inspired by the Holocaust. The use of an online forum in Moodle to facilitate student interaction has been an important and incredibly successful part of the process. Students were engaged in the learning, proactive in their participation, and showed a very high level of initiative and critical thinking. Open Access College is the Distance Education school of the Department of Education and Children’s Services in South Australia.
SPONSORING PARTNER: Education Services Australia
TRACK: Teacher