2010 Global Education Conference

"Facing the Future

Facing the Future is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage students in learning by making academics relevant to their lives. We empower students to think critically, develop a global perspective, and participate in positive solutions for a sustainable future. We develop and deliver standards-based hands-on lessons, student textbooks, curriculum units, and professional development opportunities for educators that promote critical thinking on global issues, sustainability, and positive solutions. Facing the Future curriculum is in use in all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries by teachers and students in grades K-12, in undergraduate and graduate classes, and across multiple subject areas. In 2009, Facing the Future reached more than 1,500,000 students through its programming. For more information, visit www.facingthefuture.org.

TITLE: Eco projects for school that can change schools, community and especially business.
PRESENTER: Kerry Dyke, International School Bangkok (Thailand)
TIME: GMT Wed 17 Nov 2010 01:00PM (click for international time conversions)
SESSION ROOM:CLICK HERE to enter the Elluminate session room, open one hour before session.
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: I am the environmental coordinator at the International School Bangkok in Thailand. I have a passion for the planet and involving students into making change. People often want to help the environment but are unsure of what they can do. This presentation will help. Over the past 7 years our school has made significant environmental changes. This presentation is about providing successful projects, done by students, that have worked to change our school, our community and even businesses. It will show a list of changes and activities, things we do in the environmental stewardship elective class, our student Green Panther organization and our more recent projects, such as working with business to ban plastic bags, reducing bottled water sales, and Meatless Mondays. Have you ever heard of Carrotmob? It is a worldwide movement to help businesses change. We were the first Carrotmob in Asia and helped a grocery store ban plastic bags and earn $20,000 USD at the same time. We used Facebook to build our mob and today we have more than 8500 people in Thailand. This method is catching on and businesses such as 7-11 and the government of Thailand are interested in working with us to make this happen a larger scale project for the country. Check out our sites at http://green-panthers.blogspot.com/ and http://bangkok.carrotmob.org/
WEBSITE: http://green-panthers.blogspot.com/
TRACK: Teacher