2010 Global Education Conference


TITLE: Classroom Wikis and GeoGebra
PRESENTER: Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Univ. St. Clement of Ohrid (FYR Macedonia)
TIME: GMT Thu 18 Nov 2010 11:00PM (click for international time conversions)
SESSION ROOM:CLICK HERE to enter the Elluminate session room, open one hour before session.
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: In this 45 minute presentation, we first discuss the global educational implications of GeoGebra as free, multi-platform, translatable, dynamic mathematics software that enjoys a global community of users who really do work together. In the second part, we get down to the business of integrating GeoGebra into the global classroom. We see how GeoGebra can be used in the daily curriculum. We see integration with just a computer and a video projector up through a state-of-the-art laboratory, integration by the teacher who just wants a ready-to-use demonstration up through the teacher whose students construct their own worksheets and finally integration for a standards-based lesson or for an exploring and fun-with-math lesson. In the last part of the presentation, we show teachers how to share their work in a classroom wiki - how to embed an interactive GeoGebra file and explanation screencast without uploading files to the wiki itself.
WEBSITE: http://geogebrawiki.wikispaces.com
TRACK: Learning 2.0