2010 Global Education Conference





You do not need to register for the conference unless you are wanting to present.  Links to all sessions will be publicly available when the conference schedule is posted, as will recordings afterwards.


The conference is hosted by Elluminate, and uses Elluminate Live! as the primary presentation platform. Elluminate Live! is a synchronous online program that incorporates real-time audio, webcam/video, chat, presentation, polling, desktop sharing, web touring, audience participation, and more to provide for powerful remote teaching and learning.  One of Elluminate's strengths is its ability to allow users with low-bandwidth to participate.  Video and webcam streaming, as well as desktop sharing, will be discouraged for this conference in order to accommodate low-bandwidth participants.

For the purposes of planning, presenters are encouraged to create a standard non-animated slide presentation (i.e., PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress) which then be imported into the session whiteboard and serve as the organizing component of the presentation.  The presenter can then address the audience through the integrated voice capability using a computer microphone (preferably a headset).  Audience participation can be encouraged through the live text and voice chat capabilities, as well as their use of polling and visual response devices.

More information about Elluminate is available at http://www.elluminate.com.  Live and recorded free training is available at http://www.elluminate.com/Services/Training.  Prior to the conference there will be several conference-specific training sessions for those who will be presenting.  To make sure your computer is configured correctly for Elluminate, please visit http://www.elluminate.com/support.  

You can also receive a free 3-person Elluminate vRoom by signing up at LearnCentral.org.  The vRoom provides all of the capabilities of Elluminate Live! except for the ability to record, making it a great way to practice presenting in Elluminate.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

The conference does not have any direct sponsorship opportunities.  Commercial or other organizations looking to provide sponsorship are encouraged to work with the individual partner organizations to provide funding to encourage global education efforts or specific outreach programs to extend participation in the conference.

Time Zones:

Unless presenters indicate otherwise, their sessions will be scheduled during normal daytime hours in the time zone of the country they are presenting from.  We anticipate having sessions during all 24 hours of each day of the conference, and all sessions will be recorded for those not able to attend.

An effort will be made to have a keynote session each day in each general time zone area.


Presenters are encouraged to present in the language of their choice.  We will not be able to provide translation services for sessions, but presenters who want to make their own arrangements to do so would be able to use the "closed captioning" feature in Elluminate for this purpose.  

Student Participation:

Students are encouraged to participate as attendees and as presenters.  Because of legal issues in the United States, students must be 13 or older to present.  Students considering presenting are encouraged, but not required, to have an educator mentor work with them.  

Students interested in connecting with other students from around the world can sign up at the Students 2.0 network.

Offline Viewing

All sessions will be recorded, and stand-alone Java (.jar) files will be available for download, distribution, and offline viewing after the conference.  These files can be played on machines with Java installed.