2010 Global Education Conference


2010 Conference Schedule by Time Zones

The links below are to Google calendar listings of the conference sessions in each of the world's time zones, specifically for the dates of November 15 - 19.  You can use the link at the bottom of any of the individual calendar pages to bring the events into Google Calendar if you use it.

Each of the scheduled sessions will have the presentation detail and the session link added to them within a few days of being scheduled.  Please check back in a day or two if a session currently only has the title and the presenter name.

DST = Daylight Savings Time.  Although we have tried to make all times accurate, please double check to make sure the time clock on your time zone page matches your current time.  

Compare your time to Grenwich Mean Time (GMT) to determine your viewing time zone.  The current GMT time is (hover over time for date):

GMT - 11 Midway Island, Samoa
GMT - 10 Honolulu, (US Hawaiin Standard Time)
GMT - 9 Anchorage (US Alaska Standard Time)
GMT - 8  Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Seattle, Vancouver (US Pacific Standard Time)
GMT - 7 Denver, Edmonton, Phoenix (US Mountain Standard Time)
GMT - 6 Chicago, Guatemala, Houston, Managua, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Montgomery, New Orleans, San Salvador, St. Paul, Tegucigalpa, Winnipeg  (US Central Standard Time)
GMT - 5 Atlanta, Bogota, Boston, Detroit, Havana, Indianapolis, Kingston, Lima, Miami, Montreal, Nassau, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington DC (US Eastern Standard Time)
GMT - 4:30 Caracas
GMT - 4 Halifax, La Paz, San Juan, Santo Domingo (US Atlantic Standard Time)
GMT - 3:30 St. John's
GMT - 3 Asuncion DST, Buenos Aires, Santiago DST 
GMT - 2 Brasilia DST, Montevideo DST, Rio de Janeiro DST,  Sao Paulo DST (Mid-Atlantic)
GMT - 1  Cape Verde (Western Africa Time)
GMT - 0 Greenwich Mean Time, Casablanca, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Reykjavik (GMT)
GMT + 1  Algiers, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt,  Geneva, Lagos, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb, Zürich
GMT + 1:45 Chatham Islands DST
GMT + 2  Aman, Ankara, Athens, Beirut, Bucharest, Cairo, Cape Town, Harare, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kyiv, Minsk, Sofia, Tallinn (Russian Zone 1)
GMT + 3  Addis Ababa, Aden, Antananarivo, Baghdad, Khartoum, Kuwait City, Moscow, Nairobi, Riyadh (Russian Zone 2)
GMT + 3:30 Tehran
GMT + 4 Dubai (Russian Zone 3)
GMT + 4:30 Kabul
GMT + 5 Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Tashkent 
GMT + 5:30 Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi (India Standard Time)
GMT + 5:45 Kathmandu
GMT + 6 Almaty, Dhaka
GMT + 6:30 Yangon/Rangoon
GMT + 7 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta (Western Australia Standard Time)
GMT + 8 Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Perth, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei (China Coast Time)
GMT + 9 Seoul, Tokyo (Japan Standard Time)
GMT + 9:30 Darwin
GMT + 10 Brisbane, Vladivostok (Eastern Australia Standard Time)
GMT + 10:30 Adelaide DST
GMT + 11 Anadyr, Canberra DST, Kamchatka, Melbourne DST,  Sydney DST
GMT + 12  Funafuti (New Zealand Standard Time)
GMT + 13 Auckland DST, Suva DST
GMT + 14 Kiritimati