2010 Global Education Conference


Thank You!

Thank you for presenting at the 2010 Global Education Conference.

Presenter Training

Training sessions on using Elluminate for the 2010 Global Education Conference will be held before the conference in multiple time zones.   The information is in the next section, and review notes are below that.  The conference and all trainings are taking place in Elluminate, so be sure to run the self-test for Elluminate to make sure your computer is correctly configured.

For recorded or printed general training for Elluminate, you are welcome to visit http://www.elluminate.com/Services/Training/Elluminate_Live!/?id=418 at any time.  A specific training session for GlobalEdCon presenters was recently recorded, and if you can't attend one of the live session, please watch this.  A similar training, for someone who wants to go through everything again, was also recorded and is here.  
  • Spanish: a version of the training in Spanish by Mayte Esponda is here.
  • Romanian:  training in Romanian by Adina Popa:  Part 1 and Part 2

The absolute best thing you can do is to prepare is to practice the use of Elluminate by taking advantage of the free 3-person Elluminate vRoom you get when you sign up at  LearnCentral.org, the free social network for educators provided by Elluminate.

During the conference, if you should need help or have a question, you can log into the conference "lounge" room, where we will have volunteers and at least one conference organizer who can help.  The link to the lounge room will be updated on the Status Page.

Training Schedule

You can see the training times in your own time zone by looking at the schedule page for your area.  
You do not need to reserve a time to attend a training session, just click on https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?password=M.F33CE31C0ECB37DA8EC830769573BC&sid=2008350 to enter the session.  

Before attending, do make sure your computer is configured to run Ellluminate by going to http://www.elluminate.com/support.  Elluminate is the software platform for the conference.  You will get the best results if you have a headset with microphone for your presenting, and that you have tested in advance.  

Training Review Notes

  • Please make sure that you have scheduled your GlobalEdCon session using the scheduling page at http://globaledcon.youcanbook.me.  Choosing your time at that site will automatically place your session in the Schedule page, and you should then check the page for your time zone to make sure you have scheduled yourself correctly.  If you have made a mistake or the schedule doesn't seem right, please email steve@hargadon.com.
  • All sessions will be recorded (there will be a slide in the room reminding you to start the recording!), so no matter what time you present, your session will be available later to anyone who wants to view it.  If you don't have a large live audience for your session, please don't feel discouraged--there are so many session that we expect most people to only watch a few live and to watch others in their recorded form.
Elluminate Room Links
  • There will be a unique URL for you to enter your presentation room.  Information about this will be emailed to you a day or two before the conference.
Website Resource
  • Please familiarize yourself with this website and the Global Education Wiki so that you know what resources are available.   The Mentor Program is especially worth checking out.
  • To check that your computer is ready for Elluminate, please go to http://www.elluminate.com/support.  "Step 1" will indicate if you have a version of Java that is compatible, and then "Step 2" lets you actually go into a test session.  A headset/microphone combination works best for your voice participation, although you can also use a stand-alone or "built-in" microphone to speak and earbuds for listening. If you need to listen through your computer speakers, just be aware that there will be an echoing problem if you don't turn off your mic when you're not speaking (there's no echo-cancellation in this environment). 
Length and Timing of Sessions
  • Your session is schedule for one hour.  You do not have to use the full hour, but we do ask that you do not go over one hour--so that your participants can attend another session if they like.
  • Please arrive early (at least 15 minutes) to make sure everything is OK and to upload slides if you have them, and then please begin on time.
  • If you are giving a formal presentation, you can plan on sharing web links and/or slides while participants listen to an audio feed from you and participate through text chat. 
Presentation Slides
  • When you arrive in your Elluminate room, we will have automatically uploaded a series of conference slides for your session to the room's whiteboard.  There will be a pre-show slide with a place for you to enter your name and the session title (use the text tool to the left of the whiteboard), a reminder to start recording your session, a map slide for you to ask participants where they are participating from, a slide with important information/links for the conference, then a "thank you" slide for the end and a reminder to turn off the recording. 
  • If you are going to be uploading your own slides, be sure to arrive in your room with time to do so, and make sure you have practiced this in your Elluminate vRoom (which you can get for free at LearnCentral).  Go to the "thank you" slide and select to upload your slides before the current slide.  That way the "thank you" slide will be at the end.  If you have not uploaded slides to a whiteboard before in an Elluminate session, this is something you should practice in your LearnCentral.org free vRoom.
  • If you are uploading your own slides, you can use either Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) or the free OpenOffice.org (.odp) files.   Installing OpenOffice.org on your computer will allow you to upload either .ppt or .odp files.
  • We are trying to have a moderator volunteer in every session to help you.  The moderator can help answer questions in the chat, and also help you if you are having any kind of difficulty.
  • If you are having difficulty and do not have a moderator volunteer in your room,  or if both you and the moderator volunteer don't know what to do, please send the volunteer or one of your participants to the conference "lounge" room and ask one of the organizers to provide you with some help. 
Avoiding Desktop Sharing, Webcam, and Videos
  • The desktop sharing, webcam, and media library features of Elluminate, while powerful, assume relatively high bandwidth for all the users.  For GlobalEdCon we have to assume, and organize around, the idea that many of our participants will have limited bandwidth available to them.  We ask you to avoid using these features unless absolutely necessary.  
  • If you want to show a video, we recommend that you upload your video to a flash player service, like YouTube, and then use the Web Tour feature to take participants to the video. When they play the video through the Web Tour, the bandwidth is lower, and it's coming straight from the video hosting service without going through Elluminate's servers.
PublicityLanguage Translation

Moderator Volunteering

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I show a Prezi presentation during my session?
There is no easy way to show a Prezi presentation in Elluminate right now.  The great value of converting PowerPoint or other presentations to the Elluminate whiteboard is reduction in bandwidth needed to follow a presentation, which is especially important for those in areas who don't have high-speed internet.  Elluminate does support uploading a series of  graphic files to the whiteboard, and you can also create presentations in the free OpenOffice.org program.

How do I share my slides with participants who want a copy?
During the session, if you want to tell them, they can go to File > Save > Whiteboard and save your slide deck as a .pdf file.  You can also post your slides at http://www.GlobalEducationWiki.com.