2010 Global Education Conference


Call for Moderator Volunteers

We really need volunteers who know the Elluminate online environment to help moderate sessions.  Even with lots of live training sessions and detailed Elluminate written/recorded support materials, there are still likely to be many presenters who may not be fully comfortable using Elluminate.  Their inability to respond to unknown variables during their presentations might reduce their effectiveness, dampen their enthusiasm, or even diminish their sense of the potential for connecting globally in this way. We're hoping to have someone to help in every session.

If you have experience moderating Elluminate sessions, WE COULD REALLY USE YOU!  To the degree that you are able (and if you are really gung-ho, there is no limit!), we are hoping you will volunteer to moderate conference sessions.  You will have no organizational or heavy-duty responsibilities--just to make sure that the presenter gets some help if they have any trouble with Elluminate features, and to help participants in the same way.  We expect a large number of attendees who've never been to a virtual event like this before, and your being there to answer questions in the chat or to help field Q&A will make a huge difference.

To volunteer you go to http://globaledconmoderating.youcanbook.me and select specific time slots (again, you can't pick too many! :)  VERY IMPORTANT:  Remember 1) to change to your local time zone before making your selections, and 2) try to come in 5 - 10 minutes BEFORE the time(s) you select to help the presenter feel comfortable.  Once you have listed your available times, we will email you in the coming week to solidify your session assignments, give you log in information, and also send you a link to a short recorded moderator orientation session.  We will also have a conference "lounge" Elluminate room running 24x7 during the conference, so if something comes up and you need more help, you will be able to come into the lounge and grab some of the other organizers to help! :)

If you would like to help but you haven't signed up before the conference, please check the Status Page, where we will be posting last-minute needs.  As well, there is a link there to the conference "lounge" room where presenters and others will be direct who need help, and we'd love some support in that room!

Training and Notes

If you have already volunteered and you need to check the times you volunteered for, see the list of volunteers and times:  Moderator Volunteers Times.  

Here is a 20 minute moderator training that we ask that you watch:  https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2010-11-09.0300.M.5A9C354F132B8F105AE72FC65C2D65.vcr&sid=2008350

Please remember that for many of the presenters, this may actually be their first time presenting or presenting in Elluminate.  They will greatly appreciate your help.